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By on August 5, 2014


When I started my ‘Material Activism’ project about one year ago, I wondered if the term had already been used before. A quick Google search revealed that the term ‘material’ had not been connected with ‘activism’ yet. ‘Material Activism’ refers to the various layers of this project: It connects a physical outcome in ‘material’ form with physical and digital activism by people, but it can also imply that the material itself could be an active component with dynamic properties.

Digital tools allow us to create new definitions and a new language. A friend pointed out how she could not find #materialactivism anywhere on Twitter or on Instagram. As the project’s aim is to connect people and knowledge through digital tools for physical outcomes, I have created the hashtag to further aid this collaboration. That way #materialactivism builds a founding web presence on social media sites for the new language term as a starting point for discussion and for sharing physical outcomes of ‘Material Activism’ in digital form.



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