DegreeArt.com presents ‘Post Digital?’ an exhibition which seeks to explore the intersection at which our physical and virtual realities collide. Post Digital? aims to question the processes of creating art in a digital age and crucially, its very definition. Post-Digital (also known as Post-Internet) is at the heart of numerous, contemporary discussions, articles, conferences, exhibitions and publications. These discourses are exposing the uncertainties, misunderstanding and riddles surrounding the past, present and future of our relationship with the digital age. Are we at the point in time that marks the end of the Digital era or does it point to a transformation in the way we understand its role in art and our wider society?


Along the eight weeks, eight artists will be invited to contemplate and respond to what, how and why art is created in a digital age. The artists will be asked to respond to one another and continue each other’s ideas, methods and outcomes through the vehicle of a Post Digital Relay. The artists will be coupled to explore, share and exchange their artistic endeavours via a virtual system of a private online studio, allowing them to interact with each other on a personal and artistic level, sharing and creating any materials they wish to upload to these platforms.

WHEN: 3rd July – 14th August 2014, Open Mon-Fri: 12-6pm & Sat: 12-5pm

Post Digital Relay: Launches 19th June 2014

First Thursdays: 3rd July & 7th August 2014 6-9pm

Symposium: 7th August 2014: 6-8pm (Chaired by Karen L Cham).

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DegreeArt.com has been exploring the proposition of how the Art World can translate its offline activities successfully into an online platform which is both sympathetic to the industry whilst embracing the advancements of technology to benefit all involved. In 2013 DegreeArt was awarded funding from the £7 million Digital Research and Development Fund for Arts run by Nesta, Arts Council England and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The funding has been used to develop an ecommerce solution for the Art World called Artellite which is being launched alongside the exhibition.