. August – 2014 – POSTDIGITAL

MIRIAM RIBUL When I started my ‘Material Activism’ project about one year ago, I wondered if the term had already been used before. A quick Google search revealed that the term ‘material’ had not been connected with ‘activism’ yet. ‘Material Activism’ refers to the various layers of this project: It connects a physical outcome in

I’m a textile designer by training with a research practice that explores tissue engineering and when I was asked to contribute something to a ‘postdigital’ relay it was a request outside of my sphere so I did what anyone else nowadays would do – I Googled it.  This action got me thinking, and as there

I was thrilled to see the phone-activated artwork by Perry-James Sugden which was another example of the vast and exciting technology palette now available to artists, opening up a whole new realm. Technology can now be seen as a co-creator making the ability to create accessible not only to artists and designers but to everyone. Here I am thinking of algorithms, the huge field of phone art and apps that allow you to produce stunning visuals within seconds.

Eternal topic _ WHAT IS OUR IDENTITY,WHAT IS HUMANITY. Human becoming like a robot, Robot is becoming more human.