. July – 2014 – POSTDIGITAL

I really like what the next artist in this Post Digital relay, Takahito Irie, had this to say in this interview with Robin Garrett that I lifted from his website: “People are addicted to more and better technology,” says Taka. ”This is changing the way we interact with ourselves, each other and our environment. Whether we like

I guess, in a sense, this question is somewhat inevitable for this conversation — As we inch closer unleashing machines with independent intelligence on the world (if we’re not already there), do you think they will become self-aware in way where they’ll start making art on their own (with zero prompting from their human creators)? Whoa.

I’m slowly beginning to get turned on to how much my attention span has suffered over the last few years. There’s hope that by at-least acknowledging and recognizing all these terrible habits that I’ve now developed that I can slowly kick myself from them, but the distractions are great and much easier accessed. I find

There are a couple of points that my friend Amy brought up in yesterday’s post that bring me here — The first is “Your existence as an artist is not rooted by where you are located physically…”, and the second being “…the transition from analog to digital and post have affected me profoundly”. Having worked almost

I had this whole, long mushy thing written about how much my friend Amy Wong has influenced my work over the years, but I couldn’t come to post it — I’ll tell her in person in a couple weeks when she comes to visit. In short, one thing she taught me, through example was to

So, I got a first response from my email queries to my friends about their thoughts on Post Digital art, and this is what I got: “I’m not even sure what post digital even means – nanobots in yr pee pee?” Neil (not his real name) Not entirely the answer I was looking for, but

I spent a good part of the last few days sending out emails asking certain friends of mine whether they ever considered themselves to be Post Digital artists, and what does the term mean to them. Essentially, I was trying to cheat a little and quote/link to some of my pals, but it didn’t go very

Featured Image: PostDigital? Manifesto by Gabriel Andreu                          

Featured Image: Silence by Gabriel Andreu                  

Featured Image: My Last Dance with Him by Gabriel Andreu                

Featured image: Masc[ulinity] by Gabriel Andreu                           

Featured Image: How Many Inches? by Gabriel Andreu                    

Featured Image: Untitled, Unnamed, Sold by Gabriel Andreu                        

Featured image: Silence 3 by Gabriel Andreu                  

  Featured Image: Silence 2 by Gabriel Andreu  

Featured Image: It’s Us And Mark, by Alice Woods (Exhibited at Star Food & Wine, Waxwing Exhibitions)  Did a week of posting my full browsing history change my habits when navigating the World Wide Web? For all intents and purposes: YES The knowledge of publication acted as a focusing mechanism. I was very concerned that my usual

(Image: By Balti sahib (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons) Late night browsing on the final night of Show Full History…..   2:01 AM Twitter twitter.com 2:00 AM Twitter twitter.com 2:00 AM Postdigital? www.facebook.com 2:00 AM DegreeArt.com www.facebook.com 1:59 AM DegreeArt.com www.facebook.com 1:59 AM Facebook www.facebook.com 1:59 AM Dashboard ‹ POSTDIGITAL —

Featured Image: Sally (the Watcher) by Alice Woods Apologies for the lack of posting yesterday. I did not access the World Wide Web (aside from checking my emails on my phone)…… Full history of today (#7 – my final day) to follow this evening + an Epilogue tomorrow.